Evaboot is a Chrome extension designed for extracting structured data and emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This tool allows you to easily export prospect lists, sanitize information such as names, positions and company names, filter leads according to specific criteria, find and validate professional emails, all while facilitating collaboration within your team.

How Evaboot uses SEO to drive sales?

Evaboot recently crossed the $2 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) milestone. The startup's main strategy for attracting customers is focused on natural referencing (SEO).

To generate qualified traffic to his website, Jean-Baptiste, founder of the company, focuses on producing high-quality content that specifically targets the needs and challenges encountered by his clients.

Producing this content requires in-depth expertise in the field of LinkedIn lead generation.

A productivity gain multiplied by 6 thanks to SEOpital

To write expert content from A to Z for his blog, Jean-Baptiste initially spent around six hours. This process included keyword research, content writing, semantic enrichment, and the integration of images and videos.

Thanks to SEOpital, Jean-Baptiste reduced this working time from six hours to less than an hour for each content created.

Here is how he went about writing an article on the theme of “Linkedin Jail”:

1. Import the keyword on which he wanted to reference and the title of the article

2. Automatic plan generation and addition of personalized instructions

Jean-Baptiste is an expert in LinkedIn prospecting and attaches great importance to transmitting his knowledge through his articles.

To be able to do this easily, he uses our automatic plan generation functionality to his article from the top 10 of the Google SERP and adds personalized instructions to each section to be sure that the article will address the topics that are very important to him.


3. Adding secondary keywords to optimize the article

Jean-Baptiste uses Clearscope to obtain a list of relevant keywords, which he then integrates into his articles. This practice aims to enrich the lexical field of its texts and improve their natural referencing.

SEOpital offers similar functionality, integrated directly into its platform. This functionality not only automatically generates a list of suitable keywords, but also offers the possibility of manually managing this selection. This flexibility allows Jean-Baptiste to further personalize his articles based on his specific knowledge and the needs of his target audience.

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4. Customizing the writing style

Jean-Baptiste has a distinctive writing style, characterized by a direct and concise approach, going "straight to the point".

To maintain this particularity in his articles, he uses a style customization functionality offered by our platform. This function allows Jean-Baptiste to provide the artificial intelligence (AI) with an example of his own content. The AI, thus trained, can then reproduce its unique writing style. Using this technique, he ensures that even automatically generated content retains his personal stylistic signature, ensuring consistency and authenticity in all of his writing.

The result

After a few minutes of waiting, his article was ready.

To finalize his work, he added a few photos and a video, then published everything on his blog.

To find this article, the process is simple: just search for “LinkedIn Jail” on Google. Thanks to effective optimization and the quality of the content, Jean-Baptiste's article appears in first position on Google!

Do you want to hear it from the mouth of JB?


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