Oscar Black is a digital agency that supports companies in their online growth strategy. It offers various services such as advertising on social networks, natural referencing, website creation, community management, and graphic design.

How Oscar Black uses SEO?

Natural referencing (SEO) constitutes the main acquisition channel for the Oscar Black agency. By regularly publishing expert content on themes such as online advertising and social media management, the agency manages to attract qualified prospects.

These high-quality articles, which cover relevant topics in the field of digital marketing, encourage site visitors to contact the agency via a form. Oscar Black effectively converts its web traffic into potential leads, thanks to a targeted and informative content strategy.

Traffic multiplied by 4 in 3 months thanks to SEOpital

As of September 2023, Oscar Black's website has approximately 100 daily visitors. After 3 months of using SEOpital and publishing hundreds of articles, traffic to the site increased significantly. SEOpital allowed the agency to adopt a much more sustained publication pace without losing quality. The number of daily visitors has quadrupled, reaching more than 400 visitors per day.

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An explosion in the number of keywords positioned in the Google top 100

Between May and December 2023, the number of keywords in the Google top 100 quadrupled.

A number of contact forms also multiplied by 4

The number of appointments booked for salespeople via the website followed the same evolution as the traffic and was multiplied by 4 in 3 months with more than 80 monthly contacts.

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