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How Does Itwork?

Step 1 - I choose the keyword for which I want optimized content

Use Semrush or Ahrefs to compile a list of all the relevant keywords for your business that you aim to rank #1 on Google for.

Step 2 - Seopital analyzes the Top 10 of the SERP for the keyword I have chosen

By comparing over 50 variables (length, keywords used, presence of FAQs, number of images, etc.), your assistant identifies the success factors that explain why Google has ranked your competitors in the TOP 10.

Step 3 - Seopital generates content that meets the search intent

SEOPITAL GENERATE: I don't have existing content for this keyword.

👉 My assistant generates content that is enjoyable to read (not CHATGPT like), unique and free of plagiarism that includes all the success factors.

SEOPITAL OPTIMIZE: I already have existing content for this keyword and I want to improve it to increase my ranking.

👉 My assistant enriches my existing content with the missing success factors, naturally and respecting the tone and writing style I have provided.

Seopital Features

Connected to the internet. Undetectable. SEO-optimized. The best of the best, for you, now!

On any topic, our AI writer is the ABSOLUTE expert. We gather information from the internet and train our AI to ensure content reliability.

Revolutionize your blog writing process—create stunning, SEO-optimized blog posts in seconds!

Our AI analyzes the top 10 Google search results for your target query and automatically inserts the necessary keywords for optimal SEO.

Your blog is written in a human-like manner and is undetectable by AI content detectors. Simply perfect for your SEO!

Have a list of keywords you want to rank for? Enter them into Seopital, and it suggests the best titles for your pages, based on the TOP 10 SERP.

Your content is dull and less enjoyable to read without images... Forget stock photo banks: Seopital generates ready-to-use images for you!

Yes! The tool is multilingual. Have your blog posts written in French 🇫🇷, English 🇺🇸, Italian 🇮🇹, and even Portuguese 🇵🇹!

Whatever your needs, Seopital adapts: the tool is capable of writing articles ranging from 300 to 5,000 words! You choose.

All content written by our AI is unique. You will find NO paraphrased or plagiarized sections. The AI has been developed to write authentic content.

What are the results?

We use SEOpital on our own domains

On our marketing agency's website, we've gone from 100 visitors a day from Google to over 1,200 in 6 months thanks to our AI!


Discover how our users scale their SEO using our AI writing tool

Oscar Black increased its web traffic x4 in 3 months SEOpital

Evaboot reduced the time to write a blog article by 6


SEOpital is rated 4.9/5 stars in over 500 reviews

I've cut my blog post writing time by 6...

SEOpital is the only AI authoring tool that allows me to produce expert content on Linkedin prospecting. Their data enrichment functionality is incredible.

JB Jezequel

CEO, Evaboot

A year's worth of organic content in just 30 minutes

We've gone from 4 blog articles per month to more than 20 without losing any quality. Traffic to our website has increased 8 times in 6 months.

Vianney Contes

Founder, Oscar Black

Just wanna shout out the whole team for this amazing tool

SEOpital has revolutionized our approach to content creation. Their advanced AI enables us to produce specific expert content in record time.

Marie Tortorelli

SEO consultant, Domomat


Monthly subscription

Save 30%. Credits are renewed every month.


20 credits

$50 / month

50 credits

$100 / month

100 credits

$150 / month

200 credits

$250 / month
Credit Packs

Buy credits, use them whenever you want


20 credits


50 credits


100 credits


200 credits


Appear on the 1st page of Google

It’s like having access to a team of copywriting experts writing powerful copy for you in 1-click.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use SEOpital?
SEOpital can be used by anyone wishing to take their SEO content production to the next level. The tool has been designed for ease of use.
How does SEOpital differ from other AI tools?
SEOpital is set up to create quality content in all subject areas. Unlike most AI-based tools, which tend to produce irrelevant and boring content, SEOpital excels even in complex subjects.
Is the content generated unique?
The answer is YES. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the SERP top 100 on your target query, our AI will retrieve all the information relevant to the creation of your article and create unique content that belongs to you.
Can I automatically publish articles on my blog?
With our WordPress integration, you can publish your blog posts in 1 click.
Does Google penalize AI-generated content?
Google does not penalize AI-generated content. Whether the content is generated by AI or written by a human, the only thing that matters is that it is relevant to readers. Source: Google Search Advice on AI-Generated Content
Scale your content strategy with AI. AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

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